Cloud Computing

Our approach on Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the leading emerging technology that will be leveraged by Large, Small Medium-sized Business (SMB), and Government entities . The method of using cloud computing in business is comprised of several different means of supplying a service to its users which include:

Software as a Service – This is a type of cloud computing that delivers a single application through browsers using a multiple tenant architecture. Customers using this type of architecture have no upfront investment in servers or software licensing. Cost to use this type of service is low compared to conventional hosting. Example of this service can be found in Google Apps, and Zoho Office



Platform as a Service – This is a Software as a Service (SAAS) variation that delivers development environments as a service. Customers are able to build their own applications that run on the providers infrastructure and are delivered to their users via the internet from the providers servers. Examples of PAAS is’s, Amazon EC3, Google App Engine.


Web services in the cloud – Web service providers offer APIs that enable developers to use web service functionality over the internet rather than delivering full applications. Example web service API’s include Google Maps, U.S. Postal Service, ADP payroll processing.


How can DTI help you with Cloud Computing?


DTI Engineers can help customers with implementing cloud based solutions. Our consultants can help you determine your cloud computing solutions. We have successfully assisted our customers create private and public cloud based computing solutions. Contact us to help you with your cloud computing solutions.