Senior Web Protocol Analytic Developer

Work Location – OPSI 


PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: As a Principal Software Engineer, you will work with analysts to translate their ideas into requirements for new data sources, data flows, cloud analytics, or development of other information systems, as needed. You and your team will implement those requirements within the government cloud architecture. This work will involve working with networks and encryption providing leading edge solutions for those analysts.


BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: The candidate must have:

•At least 16 years of general experience in computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, or a related discipline


•At least 5 years of experience in software-intensive projects and programs for government or industry customers.


•At least 5 years of the experience must have been as a software engineer supporting software architecture development, requirement analysis, process execution and evaluation, selection and evaluation of COTS/GOTS tools, and integration (with both new and existing systems).


•A bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics or a related discipline may be substituted for four years of general experience. A master’s degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or a related discipline, may be substituted for an additional two years of general experience.



•Strong Java experience with Java/Pig MapReduce


•Knowledge of network encryption metadata and/or hidden services to include network encrypting protocols (i.e., IKE/IPsec, TLS and technologies such as Tor)


•Experience with customer GHOSTMACHINE analytic development


•Familiar with cloud technologies (MapReduce, Spark, Accumulo, etc.)


•Familiarity developing analytics in the QTA (Query Time Analytics) environment


•Experience with Maven and web services development, Zoom workflows


•Familiarity with C++ and/or Python a plus


•Knowledge of customer data flow procedures


•Experience with customer corporate tools such as DX and XKS


•Experience with Jira for tracking


•Agile software development experience


•Strong written and oral communication skills are a must


•Work in a team environment